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Welcome to Typhon Station
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Welcome to Typhon Station

Typhon Station is a Star Trek Play By E-Mail Roleplaying Game.

How is Typhon Station Different from other PBEMs?

This game IS different, but you'll have to come in and see for yourself.

Why would anyone in his right mind start another Star Trek PBeM RPG?

Just what the galaxy needs, game number one million, with the numbers growing exponentially as we speak, and the bodies of interested and available players shrinking, too thinly distributed already, being vultured and cannibalized and running shrieking for fear of new recruitment ads! We look at the New Game adverts occasionally, and when we divide them, and the existing games, into what we figure to be the number of RPGers, we come out with a negative number, three games for every potential player, one player per ship.

Not quite, but the idea is there.

These ads often list vacancies that are formidable. Frequently, everything but the Captaincy is available for the asking.

How many of these games will be around in a year, or in six months, or will even get started up, is another question. Odds are vastly against.

So why did we start yet another game? Sadomasochism? Hardly.

We just took every element of every failure we'd seen during our career in PBeM RPGs and tried to filter each of them out, and what we were left with, we *hope*, is Typhon Station.

Here are a few of the differences that we hope *make* a difference.

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First, we chose only one canonical ship that people are familiar with, the Galaxy Class from ST:TNG, and one Station, so we are not aiming to 'outgun' the opposition with untested technological mumbo-jumbo.

Second, we don't allow characters that can control or change plots or blow away their fellow players with their magical powers or superstrength. We don't allow 14 year old Ninja Masters. We don't welcome people with seventy-two Black Belts in every form of Martial Arts who can leap tall buildings while playing Mozart on the violin. We don't permit secret societies, or players under assignment by mysterious governments, or Q's. Or full telepaths, or firestarters, or telekenetics. Or anyone you wouldn't want to play with, those you've known and hated in other games.

We don't welcome races outside of the ST canon, nor do we encourage weird hybrids, the results of which could not be forecast.

We don't want people to start characters as near-infants, remembering that RPG time inches forward.

We don't want to be the bosses over anybody. That's a BIG one.

Third, we believe that the best leadership is the least leadership. What we on Typhon Station endeavor to do is create the loose structure of an interesting overarcing plotline, with plenty for everyone to do, and then.......stand back, play our own roles, and let them *do* it.

We believe in our players. They "are" the game, and so they "own" the game. Everyone's a manager. People can step forward to whatever extent feels most comfortable to them, to their time, their situation, or the particular thread. We try to feature everyone, or let everyone help everyone else to feature himself.

Fourth, we aren't snarky about rank. Whether that will change in future, we can't say. This is an evolutionary game. Some of our best characters are those who don't need to worry about rank advancement. Civilians are free to do some marvellous posting that way.

Fifth, we abhor the politics that tend to evolve in some RPGs. It generally starts quite innocently, and then gradually either the rules or the 'rulers' come to overwhelm the game. We have not posted rules because, although they are implicit, we'd never disrespect the players by making them arbitrary and 'punishable'. People play because they want to. If we have a 'job', it's to create a playing environment where people DO want to, a lot.

Sixth, we won't expand for the sake of expanding. No NPC ships, or half-manned ships, nothing that is not fully crewed and nothing at all until our base is so well populated that players are 'hanging out of the portholes'. "Ghost ships" and "skeleton crews" have been the bane of RPGs that have died of noninteractivity. It won't happen here.

And last, we always remember to measure every decision against what's come to be the Typhon Station mantra. "It's a GAME", it's ONLY a game, and first last and always, it's about FUN.

That's not to mention that we have the best players, and we figure, if we follow Polonius' edict and 'stay true to ourselves', we'll be around for a long, long time.
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Humanoids from Mizar II. With a gray wrinkled complexion and no body hair, they generally wear light grey or tan robes in public. With a firm belief in pacifism, they have been conquered six time in three hundred years. They have no political alignments and the Mizar system is generally considered to be neutral territory.




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